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XDC is in town and GoGirl Entertainment is hosting our own Import Fashion on the main stage.  Be prepared for an awesome event.  Click on flyer for more info

Recently Team RPM experienced a drift among its members.  Several of our active members part ways as they pursuit for greater goals.  Although it is disheartening to experience a major break up in our group, we can't help but wish for the best for our friends.  Nevertheless, we are still strive to remains true to our root and continually support our members. We may not be as prominent as we once was, but that does not matter because adversity will undoubtedly strengthening our resolves.  We will spend this season focus on internal strength and relationship building among our group.  Thank you to those that stick around, you are what make this hobby worth enjoying.

Many pictures of Team RPM's cars were taken by our friend Ryan Norris.  Not only is he quite skillful with photography, he also very crafty with his ride.  The Jetta GLI may not be the "go to" cars when it comes to Stance Platform, but you'll be amazed to see how Ryan transform his ride.  Picture speak a thousand words, so without further adieu, here's Ryan's GLI featured on Stance: Nation.  Pictures taken by Ryan of course.

Full feature can be seen HERE

Eldridge Cortes's IS300 is one clean ride.  It was pretty dirty the other day but he just washed and waxed it so now it's squeaky clean. If you stand close enough, you'll be able to fix your hair and brush your teeth without the need for a mirror.

How does it feel to have your car feature in one of the most popular stance site on the interweb?  Ask Jordan Piper about his recent feature on Fatlace/HellaFlush website.  The set of Work Meister S1 really set the car off, and our amazing photographer Kyle McManus did it again capturing another set of amazing photographs. Click HERE to see the rest of the feature

Happy New Year to all of our friends.  We are excited to embark on a brand new year and we planning to make 2011 our most productive year yet.  Some of the hardest working automotive enthusiasts in NC are joining force to help us promote the scene in our area.  We will introduce each individuals throughout the year.  For now, please take a moment and stop by the nearest news stand and pick up Honda Tuning magazine Jan. Issue which feature none other than Eric Badis and his TL.  Many thanks to Jonathan Thompson and Faiz Rahman for the content.

Link to online content can be found HERE

-by Bowie Tran

2010 is perhaps one of the most productive year for Team RPM, thanks to the participation of old and new members. We are continue to grow in a positive light while remains true to our root.  Our goal is to continually support the automotive scene in North Carolina, while partnering up with surrounding states for future events.  In the process, we made new friends while strengthening the bond within the organization. Although we strive to remain a tight, yet close-knit group, we can't help but opening our arms to the new members that has helped making our events successful.  Look out for another fruitful upcoming year, as we are bringing more excitement to the automotive scene in a town near you

. Also, look out for new photographs of our new members, so check back often.

The strong bond between our partnerships is what motivates us to grow.  We would like to give credit to ISO, GoGirl, Phantasm, Exotic Inc, FYSH, S3, UTI, ImportsNC, Rsellos, Import Fashion, Eurowise, Nutekspeed, SWD, and many other wonderful organizations for their support. 

New pictures courtesy of our great photographers: Ryan Norris, Kyle McManus, Eric Badis, Rsellos, Sid Fligel

Aaron Badis

Jeff Lambert

Anh-Tuan Tran

Jordan Piper

AJ Abraham

Blake Minton

Eric Badis

Jeremy Clack

Kevin Pierce

Brandon Paxson

Rhett Lakoy

Edward Mayes

Jason S

Eldridge Cortes

Jeremy Brittain

Robbie Harper

Ryan Norris

Josh Skippy Brooks

Steve Nguyen

Zeb Magsi

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